The RED Book

The RED Book will be filled up as time passes, for now, check out the brief summary below of the main group ChiarOscuro will follow in Book One.








Legends, Folklore, Religion




A caring and strong willed sixteen year old, she lives in Lemekia with her old brother, Akello, having lost their parents ten years ago. She is a bright mind yet tends to let it wander but she is nevertheless regarded as one of the most talented youth in Lemekia. She recently unlocked a powerful yet ill omened gift that has gotten certain people talking…


The only son of one of the richest merchants of Lemekia, his whole life has been smooth sailing and this has only made his sense of entitlment stronger. Although many dislike him, he at heart is a good person, smart in the ways of mathematics and architecture, with a born leadership quality about him. Now if only he could fix his attitude…


Having come from a poorer family with many siblings and having lived in the same house as his parents, uncles, aunties, cousins, grandparents, second cousins etc. etc. he retreated to the Lemekia Library to find peace and quite and eventually earned the trust of the Book Keeper. His talent and intelligence did not go unnoticed and he is the star of the family and has become close friends with the others who joke about it but admire his almost endless knowledge.




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