All the latest and recent updates and news will be posted here to be easily accessible.

(From Bottom To Top – Oldest To Newest)

06/09/2014 – Book Two has started it’s release this week with the complete Episode Four

03/09/2014 – Book Two will start release during this week, along with new updates to the Red Book!

27/08/2014 – Book One has been completely released with the release of the final chapter Goodbye Brother, Goodbye Home

24/08/2014 – The second chapter of Episode 3 has been released. Also a lore piece on the city of Lemekia has been released going a little in depth into the city. Also the Characters page is being developed. Check back tomorrow for the third chapter of Episode 3.

21/08/2014 – After a break, the final Episode and part of Book One of ChiarOscuro will start to be released starting today. Also new lore pieces will eventually be added to the Red Book. Be sure to check back for more updates and info.

11/08/2014 – Now that the Episode II of Book One has been released with one last Episode to be released to finish Book One of the ChiarOscuro series. Unfortunantely due to a family situation, the release will be suspended until next week but I will make up for this slight delay inbetween Episodes (Which won’t normally happen, there will be breaks between Books but not Episodes).

Thanks and check out Smashwords for free full Episode One And Two.

05/08/2014 – Chapter IV titled ‘Ghost’ is released, the first chapter of Episode Two!

04/08/2014 – IV chapter will be released tomorrow as Episode 2 is released!

02/08/2014 – Part III of Episode One, The Four Flames, has been released, officially concluding the first episode but check back next week as ChiarOscuro has just begun and continues! Check out tomorrow to for the first addition to the Red Book and Monday for the release dates for Episode Two.

01/08/2014 – Part II of Episode One called The Four Flames was released yesterday with the third and final part due out tomorrow. Be sure to check out ChiarOscuro’s official Twitter and Google + page to keep updated.

29/07/2014 – Book One will be released today, starting with Episode One – A Flame In The Dark. Head over to the Book One page to catch the first part in the ChiarOscuro series. The next part of the Episode is due to be released 2 days from now so be sure to like, spread the word and return for more ChiarOscuro.



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