Isoka StoneWater


Bio Information


25 Lupais, 4986 (17 Y.O)
Lemekia, Tueley


M -Mila (Deliah Family)
F –


Appears in

– Episode 2 (First appearance – VI Square)
– Episode 3


1.0 Biography

1.1. Her Birth & Continuing A Legacy

The daughter of Samuel and Mila StoneWater, she is the most recent in a famous line that dates back thousands of years to the original StoneWater, Harrial, a famous figure in the history of Aludin.

However in recent generations, this once numerous and famous line has started to dwindle. This was after a series of births where the boys and girls were born very weak and most wouldn’t pass the stage of adulthood.

Those that did generally live short lives and fell easily to wounds and illness and slowly their wealth started to dwindle too, although the prestige of their name saved them from falling into poverty.

And the line seemed destined to end with Isoka’s parents, who after years of trying for a child never got their wish, until late in her forties, Mila gave birth to a baby girl.

However fears were strong after what many started to call a curse on the family name and though not spoken aloud, many doubted she would see many years on this Earth. It is rumoured that Samuel read stories of Harrial to a pregnant Mila and during the first few months, never left her cot.

However, it seems as if the curse seems to have been broken as 17 years have passed and her natural ability with a sword, shield, bow and arrow which put to shame many Lemekian soldiers, along with her strong physique and spirit, has made people wonder whether she is a ‘reincarnation’ of sorts of Harrial.

Also said to resemble the goddess Ledina, in all her beauty, it seems as if the StoneWater line is still strong and, if even for one more generation, destined to continue.

2.0 Trivia

– Her favourite weapons are a Bow And Arrow, along with small swords and daggers.

– Her colour is purple and she typically wears clothes with a tint of the colour in them, typically white and purple.



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