In the olden days of Aludin, the calendar was made up by simply following the Moon’s phase, so 29.5 days and this was the way time was calculated and kept in older times, with twelve months totalling 354 days.

However a problem was soon met, as this system failed to calculate efficiently the seasons and many food shortages or late plantation of crops occurred, resulting in many famines and at one point it became incredibly out of synch with the seasons.

It wasn’t until a woman in Morrsupel-Heim, known as Gaia Garran, climbed to the top of one of the highest peaks of the region, known as the Lunacreze and eventually came to the conclusion that Earth took 365.25 days to orbit around the Sun. 11.25 days more than the calendar at the time.

Her discovery and research changed an entire culture and world. 11 months out of the twelve were given an entire extra day, changing it to 30.5 and the last month of the year was given the remaining 0.25. However this resulted in every four years an extra day being added to the calendar (this will be explained further on.)

In ancient times, besides years being given numbers, they were also given one of the five elements, typically in ascending order, going from Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Aseter. This meant every century 20 years of each would belong to one of the five elements, which were believed to foretell how that certain year would turn out.

This process was, after the changing of the calendar changed at the turn of the following century.

At the world renown Observatory & Orrery of Morrsupel-Heim, atop the Lunacreze mountain a new system was devised. To add, the O&O as it is known, was named in honour of the woman who made her name by studying and discovering celestial bodies, expanding our knowledge of the universe, key inventor as well as helping establish and grow the train of though and science of astronomy.*

*Indeed, there is a school and monastery at the base of the mountain named after Gaia which is world famous.

This system made it so on the 99th year of every century, the day before the end of that year, the Keepers Of The Stars (as is the fancy name those in charge of the Observatory, and Aludin’s entire management of time, had given themselves) gather in the Ancient Room of The Elements.

There they gather round the Table Of Elements and spin the dial left untouched for nearly a century, leaving to fate which element it falls upon. The following century will be marked by the element the dial falls upon, with a belief of what each brings written below –

Water – A Century Of Abundance.

Earth –A Century Of Growth.

Fire – A Century of Warmth.

Air- A Century Of Freedom.

Aseter – A Century of Change. The fifth element is associated with the universe and the Gods as well as the afterlife so any century of Aseter means there will be great change, whether socially or environmentally that will typically change the course of humanity. This element has ony been, whether through mere coincidence or fate, a total of 5 times throughout Aludin’s history.

* We are currently in the age of Aseter, which hasn’t occurred in 2,000 years, following the century of Earth.

Now to tell you of the missing day. Basically, at the end of every 3 years, one of the 12 months is randomly selected to have the extra day by a process involving black ball and white balls.

11 Black Balls and 1 White Ball are placed inside a jar and shaken about. One of the Keepers is then blindfolded and one of the months names, at random, is announced. He reaches inside and draws a Ball. If it is Black, the jar is shaken and the process repeated. The process ends once the White Ball is drawn and whichever Month was announced or remaining, that is the month that is assigned the extra day.

It is typically believed those born on this extra day are destined to be blessed and live interesting and extraordinary lives and while there are many well known and remembered people born on this ‘special’ day, let us forget there are many others not born on this day that have done extraordinary things too.

And to finish off below are the Months and the animal symbols associated with them and what they typically represent:

1 – Lupais (The Wolf)

Those born this month said to be social, not doing well alone. Strong, powerful,loyal and prideful with a tough exterior but warmth and loving to those they consider friend.

2 – Vulpes (The Fox) 

Those born this month are said to be temperamental, jokers and typically have little respect or care for the rules. Their view on life though is normally unique and loving if given the time to get to know them.

3 – Uccelis (The Bird)

Those born this month said to be thinkers, dreamers, with head in the clouds. Daydreamers who procrastinate due to having a hundred thoughts at once, they’ll feel depressed if not left to make their own choices, no matter if they’re right or wrong.

4 – Cavallis (The Horse)

Those born this month are said to be hard working, always trying to be one step ahead of everyone else. There seems to be a correlation between those born during this month and long lives and they normally prefer one soul mate to dedicate their lives towards.

5 – Gattus (The Cat)

Those born this month are said to be unpredictable individuals. They can turn out to be lazy in a sense, merely content with the simplest of things or not content without having it all. It’s said those born during this month are typically short although athletic.

6 – Ferfas (The Butterfly)

Those born this month are said to be people who throughout their entire lives will experience great change, mostly spiritually, character wise and motivations. Hard to settle down, those born during this month won’t be content until they find their meaning or belonging.

7 – Salius (The Salmon)

Those born this month are said to normally be travellers or explorers, making proud their families and homes and carrying silently any burden or trouble to themselves. They are also said to be agitated, not able to spend a single day indoors.

8 – Cervos (The Deer)

Those born this month are said to be typically shy and reserved not as outspoken as others. However, their quite demeanour if unlocked can reveal a completely different person from first impressions and they are said to be the most loving of people, typically preferring to have large families.

9 – Lios (The Lion)

Those born this month are said to be courageous, hot headed, fierce and dedicated to their goals. They are typically natural born leaders and though they may be hard to get along with or even like, their presence, hard work and loyalty are normally appreciated.

10 – Chingias (The Warthog)

Those born this month are said to be easily satisfied. They are content with and can handle anything that they are given or have to do, without hearing a complaint. The most calm of people, however they are normally stoic preferring their own company usually.

11 – Capris (The Goat)

Those born this month are said to be those who ‘act first, think later’ sort of people. They are very dedicated, can easily get carried away and are sometimes too easily blinded by emotion however they are also caring, loving and loyal.

12 – Baelus (The Whale)

Those born this month are said to be of great minds although they wander through life. They don’t like taking centre stage, drifting behind the scenes and if you can find a Baelus as a friend, you will have a lifelong companion who will forever look out for you.

It would be great to go to the Observatory & Orrery. They say it is a place and sight like no other and you know how hospitable the people of Morrsupel-Heim are. Maybe we can go visit it once your feeling better. Stay Strong.”




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