The Omion-Decabia Conflict


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In the year 4,993 (The Fifth Millennia Of Aludin) after the summer harvest and during the celebrations of The Seven & One Almighty across Omion, the nation of Decabia launched a surprise invasion on the smallest of the provinces of Aludin, which led to the loss of Omion.

Since then it has been Decabia territory and the events also brought the collapse of the ancient and once powerful Nephlin order.

The furthest east of all provinces and the one’s who’s borders were literally attached to Decabia (Tueley to the south has a great expanse of uninhabited desert, besides a few local tribes, bandit groups and unmarked villages, which separated it from Decabia and to the north Morrsupel-Heim’s mountains were a natural border).

To understand the conflict, is to understand that Omion has a significant history with Decabia.

After the Magi Hunt occurring for decades and only ending fifty years prior to the Conflict, there was always troubles and tensions between both Decabia and Omion with Aludin.

Indeed, it was because of the Magi hunts that Decabia (once the largest province of Aludin with it’s borders ending to the great ocean to the east and once known as Varrahal) officially split from Aludin and isolate itself from the known world, becoming a hermit nation, forbidding travel to outsiders as well as people from inside to ever leave its borders, as well as refusing commerce with any other province or merchants outside it’s borders.

This worked well for Decabia, being the largest land mass of Aludin at the time and the richest in resources, it became fully autonomous by itself and this is where Omion itself comes in.

The people of Omion, as are the people of Decabia, have always been the ones more in touch with their ‘magical’ side and compared to the other provinces, there is a higher rate of children born who display such powers of the Magi.

Magi are those who, due to unknown circumstances and origins, can manipulate the phsycial world such as levitation, commanding fire and water, the ability to have a deep connection with animals as well as increased speed or agility in some cases and some people speak on how they can cure any disease and even have insights into the future (though the most infamous of those who claimed to be able to predict the future, Luzis Lapier, was proven a fraud.)

Now, let it be known that the region of Omion sits on many underground mines rich with resources and minerals as well as being in a unique position in the land where temperatures throughout the whole year are neither too hot or too cold, making their yields of crops, fruit, vegetables the highest at the time of Aludin.

After the unfortunate Magi Hunt ended, Decabia thought Omion, a midway point for travelling Magi worldwide and once with the highest number of guilds in the entire of Aludin, as well as their culture being deeply ingrained into the ways of the Magi, would split off and join their neighbour after the injustices committed against them.

There are some to this day argue that there was nothing wrong in the Magi Hunt and indeed anti-Magi sentiment has grown since Decabia split and the recent conflict.

But this is not concerning such matters, for now, we’ll focus on the relationship between Omion and Decabia.

As we were saying, Decabia believed Omion would join them in their one nation, with no division between provinces and free to be Magi without fear of prosecution or discrimination.

  However, the Overseer of Aludin along with the Elders of the Nephlin met with what was then known as the Council of Eight (taking inspiration from the Seven and Alius Almighty) at Omion’s capital, Orius and a peace was brokered, keeping Omion united with Aludin, which set the first seeds of this conflict.

Too remember the Nephlin involvement with this treaty between Aludin and Omion, which Decabia from the beginning pointed fingers too, blaming they used pressure to make Omion agree with its terms and who they saw as enemies to Magi as they had been neutral during the whole Magi Hunt and rumours circled of them actually assisting people in hunting down Magi.

Now the Nephlin order, its origins rooted with keeping the world free and protected from the Demons after their supposed attack millennia ago (the last sighted verified account of any Demon is now almost two thousand and a half years ago) at the time was the biggest order of the world and there were already whispers it was them, not Urok or the the leaders of the other Provinces, that ran Aludin.

It was them, using their power and positions in high society to influence the decisions any province took, they were involved. This was the biggest unspoken fact for decades now.

This brings us to the incident a couple of months prior to the Decabian invasion which set in motion this entire event.

An envoy from Decabia came to the capital with the claim that they had found four Nephlin agents inside it’s capital city, having stole intelligence and with a plot to assassinate the King, to set discord and very likely bring back the revival of the hunts, as well as trying to reclaim Decabia as an Aludinian province.

At first the Nephlin dismissed this claim but an ambassador travelled to each of the leaders of each province, displaying the evidence and telling them how the captured agents were now imprisoned and had confessed their crimes.

Whatever was shown, it was enough to convince the provinces of their claims and soon it snowballed with the other provinces finally finding the courage to state what had been whispered for a long time, for the first time out loud for the world to hear.

The Nephlin had grown too strong and were running the show behind the scenes.

This brought relations to their lowest in over half a century, between Aludin and Decabia, as well as between the provinces and rumours of each province splitting from Aludin surfaced.

Indeed, there is still an urban legend that the province leaders were to meet only for the meeting to be called off at the last second when word apparently reached the Nephlin, who then planned to infiltrate and spy on the meeting.

Such a thing, if it would to happen, would destabilize the lands and its people as well and the higher ups of Urok now faced seeing this once tight and united nation crumble.

Finally Decabia sent an ultimatum to the heads of each province and Urok.

Terminate at once the order of the Nephlin, declare them an enemy of Aludin and Decabia or face the consequences for their illegal actions.

No answer was given. Stalls in talks spread over two months and Decabia issued two more warnings when that summer’s day, it launched it’s attack.

Some say Urok had too much faith in it’s neighbour to believe they would seriously attack while others say the Nephlin pressured them not to give into such demands.

Whatever the case, the invasion caught them all by surprise. And within nine days, the entire province was captured in a swift invasion and the opposition they met was weak.

Some say Aludin miscalculated the strength of Decabia while there are strong rumours that suggest the provinces resisted sending out their own soldiers, in a conflict they saw as not their own.

Decabia stopped after the complete invasion of Omion.

Whether it was because they were simply content in claiming what they felt they should have rightfully had over fifty years ago or whether the message that came from Urok reached them before they could keep moving forward, Omion was lost.

Urok gave into their demands, keeping peace with Decabia and keeping the provinces united.

What followed was the immediate dismantlement of the Nephlin, with many being arrested and questioned, some permanently kept imprisoned, their buildings seized, documents taken and the order was officially declared illegal, with anyone associated with them to be immediately, without question, arrested and imprisoned.

The conflict displaced the surviving Omion people, with many heading south towards Tueley or north to Morrsupel-Heim, while a large number of refugees were taken to Urok and now reside in the Ninth ring (under pitiful conditions as I have seen during my last visit there, treated worse than any animal and even they shouldn’t be treated in such a way as these proud people have).

Some of the population of Omion joined Decabia, now free to openly practice and use their Magi gift.

However the Omicornians that now live scattered across Aludin, due to being looked down upon due to their Magi blood and associated with crime, debauchery and violence, hold heavy resentment towards Urok and the other provinces, as they see them as not having done enough to protect their land.

This has resulted in the rise of terror groups recently (most known are the Red Clothed Bones or the OMG – Omion Magi Gang) and isolated communities within cities of the provinces of Aludin, where the Omicornians live in segregation.

So now the hermit nation of Decabia, closer than ever to the provinces with no publicly known defectors as to date, is an uncomfortable neighbour, with many uncertain what kind of nation, and what kind of goals, they have, being closer than ever to Celia, Morrsupel-Heim and closest of all to Tueley.

Ten years have passed, yet the wounds are as fresh as ever and as I sit here writing this, I can only hope one day I can return to visit Omion and their fields of spices, fruits and vegetables, their rich forests with a thousand sounds and their hills were during the summer, you would see families, men, women and children all united as one.

“This is to show you my dear friend, how the Decabians aren’t simply, the ‘bad’ guys. There has been right and wrong from both sides. I’ll be by tomorrow to visit you personally. Stay Safe.”

“Your friend.”

The Hero



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