The Boy In Red


IX – The Boy In Red

(1,745 Words)

The Boy In Red


She felt the body of the creature collapse onto her but she didn’t feel the slicing of it’s claws, the sinking of the fangs into her body. She slowly lowered her arms to see the creature cut in half looking up at her, it’s mouth twisted in shock and she looked before her to see the back of the young boy, who just moments ago she was certain had been dead, standing before her.

‘How?’ she thought to herself as he span the sword he was holding in his hands, no longer red but a deep blue that seemed to shine as he pointed it right at the beast called Reken.

“You…” said Reken when the young boy flew across the room and swung his sword in three slashes, Dakar screaming as the creature roared in anger. He landed on a foot and knee before the beast, who looked down at the boy but before he could say anything, he burst into a ball of white light, a strong gust of wind blew them all back as Dakar collapsed onto the floor and the creature was gone.

There was a long silence as everyone still couldn’t process what had just happened when the young boy turned round and fell down beside Baruto. He looked at him with watery eyes and hung his head down over him as he moaned “Master Baruto…no, no, no”

Dasha stepped forward and knelt down beside the grieving boy, who looked away from her, his tears falling to the floor and she put an arm round him, hugging him tight.

“I’m sorry” she said as she looked over the old man, his mottled white hair covered most his face and she couldn’t believe that the man they had come for…they…she had failed. He was dead.

But they had found this boy, a boy who looked about their age who just moments ago had seemed dead when he had done what an iron club and full force of fire hadn’t been able to do. He had killed those creatures.

That’s when they heard more roars coming from downstairs and the boy lift his head up, his thin black hair waving out his face and she saw he had deep purple eyes.

“Master, you will get a proper rest, I promise, I promise it” he said under his breath and that’s when he stood up and she followed him before he looked around at each one of them.

“We have to go. They’re coming” he said “Can’t you sense them?” he asked to a chorus of shaking heads.

“Follow me, stay close” he said as he run out under the arch and span on his heel to look back the the group, who were still so shocked and stunned, it was as if they had forgotten how to use their legs “Come on, we’ve got to get out of here. Right now”

“Hold on just a moment” said Dakar as he finally got to his own two feet “Who are you and what…what were those two things?”

“I’m Daygon” he said quickly looking up and down the corridor as he spoke “And they were Demons of course.”

“D..Demons?” said Dakar as Wex let out a loud ‘Aha’ pointing at him before he realised what that meant and Dasha felt her mouth suddenly go dry.

Dakar shook his head “No, they don’t exist, it can’t be.”

“Dakar, does it matter whether they exist or not right now?” said Isa angrily shaking him before she picked up her dagger and went to Daygon’s side “Whatever those things are, we’ve got to get out of this place.”

Dasha nodded in agreement and she was the last to leave the room, giving one last glance towards Baruto, lying face down on the floor when she realised the strange symbol that had been painted on the floor almost seemed to be glowing and that’s when she realised the burning smell before had come from her accidentally burning the old man in releasing her flame.

She ran down the corridor, catching up with the group and they arrived at top of the staircase to find it barred by another one of the Demons, who hissed at their presence, a long forked tongue lashing out at them.

Daygon leapt from the top step and span in the air, the blade whisking in the air sending the creature tumbling down the staircase, white rays of light shot out one by one from the Demon where he had hit it before it was engulfed in a glow of white light and vanished before them.

They ran down the steps and darted for the front door when a two Demons either side of them leapt out and came charging for them.

“Look out” yelled Isa as she span round with her dagger but they were coming too quick when Dasha turned towards Daygon and she wasn’t sure what she saw next was real but she was sure her eyes weren’t lying to her.

Daygon had turned his head down, resting his chin down on his chest and his sword had glowed brightly. It all happened so fast, in just a couple of seconds and though he seemed like a blur, she caught quick glimpses of him running before each Demon, giving a violent hack and slash to each before white light flooded their eyes and just as the others had done, they disappeared before her eyes.

Isa span the dagger into the air and looked stunned as she realised they had disappeared and turned to Daygon, probably thinking the same thing she was thinking.

“That was amazing” said Dasha to the young fighter but it seemed that move had taken a lot out of him as he stumbled slightly and Isa caught him for support.

“I’m okay” he said as he turned to look at Isa and he managed to stay on his feet as they ran out of the house only for Dakar to gasp out the loudest out of all of them.

The house was surrounded by dozens of the Demons and they had been alerted to their presence, their heads turning to the Sanctuary’s entrance and they started advancing onto them now started and that’s when Dasha realised the sky had become dark with the howling of strong winds blowing all around them.

“There’s too many of them” said Wex backing up “Quick, let’s barricade the house.”

“It won’t change anything” said Daygon standing his ground “Walls and doors won’t stop them, not now.”

“So what are we supposed to do now?” screamed Dasha.

A loud roar brought the demons to silence and they span round as something was agitating the forest and a couple of trees collapsed and they braced themselves for the newest threat when out emerged the Titan Warthog and riding atop it, was Manny, who was yelling as he held a pair of reins for dear life.

The Warthog charged towards them, crushing the demons in it’s path and flinging into the air those before him, the others scattering out the way when it leaped before them and Daygon laughed, charging up and hugging the Titan’s nose.

“Wulf” he yelled with happiness as he quickly turned to the others “Quick follow me” he said as he leapt onto the beast, sliding onto the creature with great ease and Manny gave up the reins as he slid back.

“Take my hand” said Daygon extending his hand down towards them.

“If you think I’m getting on…” began Dakar.

“Get on the bloody pig, right now” yelled Isa as she grabbed him and flung him up the pig, Daygon catching him and lifting him up onto Wulf.

Wex was hoisted up by next and next was Dasha who found herself cramped between this many bodies and quickly tried to look for something to hold onto but found nothing, the plate of armour was too smooth to get a proper grip on it.

“Help” yelled Isa and they turned round to see a Demon had grabbed hold of her hair and was pulling her back way from the warthog as she desperately sent her dagger swinging about only to cause the Demon to laugh at her attempt to escape.

They all screamed, except for Daygon, who yelled something in a foreign tongue and pointed his sword toward the Demon and a stream of blue flame shot forth, sending the Demon flying back, slamming into the bird cage and causing it to rip off it’s hook, tearing down some of the roof with it as it clattered to the floor.

Isa ran forward and with Daygon’s help, he picked her up and put her onto and leapt onto the warthog’s back.

“Thanks for that” she said as she slid behind Daygon and before Manny.

Daygon looked down and patted the creatures head “Wulf a-veare-toa-Lemekia” he said and the second he had finished speaking Wulf span round and charged down the path, knocking over the branches and they all ducked to avoid getting hit.

When Dasha dared look up again they had already left the forest behind them and back on the mountain path but the Titan wasn’t stopping and kept charging forward and they all screamed, except for Daygon, when the beast leaped off the mountain path, plummeting down the mountain side.

“Oh my gods” they yelled as Wulf started free-falling through the air and they grabbed onto the chunks of the beasts fur that they could grab as they went plummeting down and she closed her eyes as the earth neared, expecting her whole world to go splat.

She felt the force of the impact against her but she opened her eyes to see the warthog had landed without hurting itself and kept galloping down the side of the mountain, keeping up it’s fast pace kept it from rolling down the mountain and she heard Dakar roar in triumph.

“Wooo” he yelled “this is amazing” and he turned round “take that” raising his hand to them “better luck next time.”

“Oh no” said Dasha as she looked downwards and the others looked ahead to see a sight that brought them back to reality. The Sea Of Sand, filled with hundreds upon hundreds of lights sweeping down the desert, descending towards Lemekia.

Decabia had chosen war.


NEXT – Goodbye Brother, Goodbye Home



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